Understanding social media best practices

Hey all!

I currently work for a media company in the online department, and I work a fair bit with our clients and their social media strategies and goals. I try and read articles and news related to social media daily to keep on top of new tools, trends, etc. I also like to follow companies who are mentioned in articles as “doing it right”, and take examples from them. There are also mentions of when social media can go wrong, and those are usually both entertaining and cringe-worthy.

Unfortunately with social media, there’s no recipe for what will be successful and what won’t, so following others and learning the best uses of each platform, especially close competitors, can be a great starting point.

One company that I feel does a great job in the social media world is Tourism BC.  A best practice for any company is to engage your followers and have them feel like they’ve built a personal relationship with your brand. Tourism BC has mastered this by getting their followers to provide most of the content they use, and getting them to interact with each other, therefore building a community within the brand. Tourism BC encourages their followers to post their images of different parts of BC on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #exploreBC. They then take the best images and re-post them to their different platforms for other people to enjoy.  The images are stunning, and eye catching when they show up in a user’s newsfeed.

The explore BC blog is also a great source of content, with 9 official contributors, and weekly blogs from featured BC Instagrammers. This shows another example of how they were essentially able to outsource their work to their followers.  The Tourism BC Twitter page has numerous tweets throughout the day, from trip planning ideas to sharing information on where to hike. It’s a great resource for people who are interested in experiencing BC in any capacity.

The main thing to remember when looking at other company’s social outlets, is that what may work for one doesn’t always work for another. You have to ask yourself, what is valuable to my audience?



One response to “Understanding social media best practices

  1. I agree that Tourism BC does a great job with their social media channels! I really enjoy the fact that they have a variety of different people contributing to their blog as it provides different perspectives. I also think their #explorebc hashtag was a great initiative and a way to create engagement. Great example!

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